Base 2000

Base 2000, the headquarters of the Basingstoke Air Scout Group, is a modern brick built building situated in Carpenters Down, Popley behind the Popley Fields Community Centre.

The building is available for hire by individuals or Groups, on an occasional or regular basis.

For booking enquiries, please read 'Base 2000 Bookings Terms and Conditions' and then click on the "I agree to the Terms & Conditions" button which will take you to the booking enquiry form.


  • Foyer

  • Large Hall

  • Small Hall

  • Kitchen


Where we are

Base 2000, the home of Basingstoke Air Scouts, is located to the rear of the Popley Fields Community Centre in Carpenters Down, Popley, Basingstoke. Base2000 Location map.

If you would like information about Basingstoke Air Scouts, please feel free to check out the groups website.

Basingstoke Air Scouts
Exterior of Base 2000

For more information about Basingstoke Air Scouts and what they do, check out our webpage at

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